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We  currently carry Dunlop strings for acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, and banjo. Other strings are available in store including Elixer and D'Addario. We also offer the services of restring and tuning your instrument for you. 

Guitar Strings

Picks and Straps - in store only

Add personalized style with a nice Dunlop or PPG strap. We display a variety of straps for guitars and ukuleles.

For picks, we have classic Fenders and a seemingly endless supply of Dunlop varieties.


Slides and Capos - in store only

We stock a variety of Dunlop slides and Capos.

Guitar Close Up

Microphone and headphone stock depends on our availability.


Tuners and Cables - in store only

We offer Snark and Aroma clip on tuners. 

We carry Nashville Guitar Works cables for guitar, speaker and microphone. We also have various cables for electronic connections. 

Guitar Strings

Guitar Care - in store only

Guitar looking a little dirty? We carry D'Addario Planet Waves 3-step cleaning supplies and Dunlop's Lemon oil. 

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