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Our Story

Epperson Music began in 2010 as a hobby business; crafting guitars and ukuleles from cigar boxes, repurposed redwood, driftwood, and the many found objects in the area.

On the coast of Northern California, where the redwoods sing, the ocean meets the forest and brings a wealth of material and inspiration.

From the glass beaches of Fort Bragg to the driftwood beaches of Noyo Harbor and Big River in Mendocino, found objects have proven to be abundant, beautiful, and valuable resources.

The rich history of woodworking in the area with its giant redwoods also had a great influence on our handmade instruments as well as the overall aesthetic of our shop. 

We've since begun to make garden art and other home decor out of found objects and repurposed redwood.

And adding a retail store where we could sell our craft and love of other unique musical instruments was a natural next step.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend here and hope to maybe see you one day in Fort Bragg, California

And if you're already here, come in and say hello; bring in your unique instrument or one that you love and want to show off or that just needs a little TLC.


We love to see your smiling faces.

Thanks, Cory

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